Why Mayo Why

Missing: Big White Fluffy Dog

Mayo is Wahini's favorite Samoyed dog. Mayo is very friendly and can always bring smiles to your face. Bones and chickens are Mayo’s favorite!

But one day, when Wahini was away on vacation, Mayo felt lonely. Mayo ran away and left behind a messy wardrobe.

After hopelessly searching everywhere, Wahini decided to create a community to spread the “Missing Mayo” poster. There are 5758 possible combinations of clothes that Mayo wore when Mayo escaped.

Would you like to help find Mayo too?

Mint Mayo Here!

🚧 Roadmap

Community Roadmap

Community 1.0

The « Community », mint to find Mayo on the Polygon Network. There are 5758 possible combinations that Mayo will be:
Boy Mayo 49.70%
Girl Mayo 30.44%
Zombie Mayo 15.04%
Ape Mayo 3.09%
Alien Mayo 1.72%
« Undefined » Mayo 0.12%

Community 1.1

- Minting Sale
- #NFTGiveaways to Twitter or Instagram followers to kickoff the project
- Open Discord and start building the community
- Random Airdrop of MayoPixel for Roles: « Community », « Volunteer », « Rescuer », and « Savior »

Community 1.2

- When the « Community » contribute to mint all 5758 of Missing Mayo, Mayo will comeback to us!
- Roadmap Mayo Community 2.0. only for holders